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Who We Are ?

e-Receipt is an electronic record management solution that avails Universally Verifiable electronic records for your Point-of-Sale purchases and Mobile Money payments transactions among many other extended arrays of uses.

This innovation delivers a unique solution that is tailor-made as per client’s specification for purposes of records management and comes with a marketing/communications/ads management functionality. The innovation directly saves our clients on stationary costs and huge spend on marketing and advertisement. Unlike most other traditional advertising channels, e-Receipt delivers a whole new world of functionalities with superior analytics, giving you real value for your investment. 

Our technology is geared towards full eradication of paper documentation that relate to financial transactions.

We are committed to making our global contribution towards a safer and sustainably clean environment.

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Background & Our Case

Businesses in all jurisdictions globally are legally
bound to issue purchase/payment receipts for varied reasons.

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